Terms and Conditions

List Angels Terms & Conditions

1. Data is sold for the use of your organisation’s own marketing needs only and should not be used on behalf of any other organisation. List Angels will work with the paying client to customise a list to their needs. It is not recommended to share data with another company as it will dilute the strength of the paying customer’s strategy.

2. These are compiled lists. They have been assembled using public resources via commercially available lead generation software programs and verified by our researchers. This data collection method complies with the Australian Spam Act 2003 for business information. All email addresses are business addresses and therefore it is permitted to send emails on relevant business matters only. It is not permitted to send emails to these addresses offering personal goods and services. Please refer to the Spam Act 2003 and/ or Do Not Call List, if you are unsure of how your company can legally execute its marketing strategy.

3. List Angels do not recommend entering these lists into an Email Marketing Software program(EMS) without first obtaining permission (opt in) from list contacts. Once permission is obtained and details entered in an EMS, all emails you send using the data must include an option for the data subject to opt out of receiving further emails from your company i.e. a note on how to unsubscribe. All unsubscribe requests must be sent to your company, not List Angels. If you receive an unsubscribe request, you must remove the data subject from your list and your company must not send them any further emails. This is a central compliance term of the Spam Act 2003. 

4. You can use the data as often as you wish, but bear in mind that data on large, decays at a rate of 50% per year, so after 12 months, 50% of the names and addresses are likely to be incorrect as companies relocate and restructure, change their name or phone number and their people switch jobs and take promotions. For this reason we recommend that after six months you order an update of the list or carry out data maintenance yourself.

5. We guarantee the accuracy of our lists for 30 days post supply (see point 4 as to why we have a time cut off). For any emails that ‘hard bounce’, we will supply new contacts. All you have to do is supply us with the inaccurate addresses; we will check that they are ‘hard bounces’ i.e. not rejected by server filters or due to connectivity problems and providing we supplied the data within the previous 30 days, we’ll happily update the records that we can correct or supply a new contact for you. An email can be rejected by anti-spam software and can be returned undeliverable because a server is temporarily down or your target's inbox is full. Please note: this is why we also recommend sending your introduction email from your personal address and not from am EMS, as the contact will not be familiar with your company, needs to opt in and it is easy for your email to end up in SPAM.

6. All fees for services to be supplied by List Angels are set out under B2B Lists on the website. Any other services supplied by List Angels in addition, will be charged at agreed rates between List Angels and your business. List Angels reserves the right to alter its current rates at any time. Your business shall make full payment before List Angels issues a list. Once payment is received your list will be collated and sent to the email requested within 5 business days. Orders cannot be cancelled once the data has been sent to you. If you are unsure about what you are buying, please call us to discuss it beforehand. If you are not happy with your data once you have received it, again, please call us. We endeavour to ensure 100% customer satisfaction.

7. List Angels is not responsible for any consequences of your use of the data. It is your company’s responsibility to ensure you are complying with the relevant laws and regulations. Your business must indemnify List Angels from and against all expenses, damages, costs and losses that List Angels may incur whether directly or indirectly, as a result of: (a) any breach of these Terms and Conditions by your business; or (b) any loss of or damage to any property or injury to or death of any person.

8. List Angels is a data supplier and cannot offer technical support for your use of the data.

9. List Angels is a data supplier and does not guarantee your success at winning new business. While we will endeavour to be a strategic partner in the process and provide your business with a strong foundation, the process and relationship growth is the responsibility of the list purchaser.

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