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B2B Lead Generation Marketing Lists

For most companies, the ability to find potential customers is the difference between growth and bankruptcy.
While networking, referrals and inbound marketing are all very important strategies to finding new customers, these processes take a long time to yield results. Proactively and strategically seeking new customers and asking for their business, is essential, if you want to achieve success sooner. The trick is doing it the smart way, not wasting your time and money on strategies that suck the time and profit from your business.
This is why buying a tailored lead generation list from List Angels is a smart move. We can wok with you strategically, to help you expand into new markets or make a deeper impact in exisiting markets. You tell us which industry and location you would like to focus on and we will do the rest!

We can also research other areas of your business you might need help with. If you want to know more about your competitors, creating conference attendee lists or venues , grants, tenders or sponsorship opportunities your business may be eligible for, then we can provide you with a professional, detailed list. Email us now to find out more.

Lists - why should I buy a list?

List Inclusions
contact name
phone number/s
postal address
street address
contacts email
source of contact details


 You earn conservatively $30 per hour. 
$30 x 8 hr day = $240 per day

5 min per lead research x 200 leads =  1000 min   which is 16.67 hours, just over 2 business days!

(and that's just for 200!)
A TOTAL OF $500 (plus all the time lost in converting sales, customer relations and business management)

List Angels 200 Lead Contact List Total Cost $250 (or $200 if you subscribe monthly)

A SAVING OF OVER $250 to your business in just one small contact list purchase!