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Frequently Asked Questions

How is the information collected?
We use both commercially available data collecting software programs and researchers to list and verify that the information we are giving you is up to date and accurate.

Do I own my list?

Absolutely! Once we have received payment your list will be collated to the specifications you require and you own it for life!

How accurate is the information?

Every list is freshly researched from our software and people working on your list. We don't hold onto lists and reuse information. You are supplied with the most publicly updated version of each company and contact.

How can I use my list?

Anyway you like! It's yours! Ensuring of course you abide by the appropriate laws. Check out our Helpful Links to make sure you are using your list most effectively.

Have the contacts on my list given permission for me to contact them?
All our lists are sourced from public information that is available on the world wide web. The Spam Act 2003 states that, consent is inferred if:

1) the contact details are published and accessible to the public

2) they are not accompanied by a statement saying commercial messages are not wanted 

3) there is a strong link between what you’re promoting and the recipient’s business.

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As good business practice, we will also supply you the source of where we collected the information from.

Can I opt out of a list subscription?

Absolutely. You are not bound by a contract but with never having to worry about prospecting again and saving a few extra dollars every month, why would you!

When do I make payment?

Once we have agreed on what information you require, all you need to do is make payment and your list will be in your inbox within five (5) business days!