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Does the thought of actively searching for new customers and having to speak with them and ask for their business paralyse you with fear? Are you scared of coming off as "too salesy"? Or do you just not know where to start or have enough time in your day to get it done?
These are very common problems businesses and even sales people have! That is why I created List Angels. We work with your business to strategically create tailored list of qualified prospects for your outbound sales and marketing campaigns, freeing up your time to focus on delivering your service or product solution and generate sales. We also provide your business with sales strategy and support material to ensure your list is as profitable for your business as possible.
We do not purchase lists, every list is fresh and unique, as no two businesses requirements are the same. We use a combination of human resources and software programs to achieve our fast, tailored and accurate results.
Unlike current list suppliers in the market place, List Angels has no minimum size number and we don't charge huge set up fees, in fact we charge no set up fee at all!  

If you are a small to medium business (SME) or even a big enterprise wanting to target specific business segments, do a comparison or need to collate specific information, we can help.

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We look forward to helping support your business succeed.

List Angels Founder - Holly Kissner